Train lines

I can see you!
You’ve been running from lives.
I can see you!
On these lonely train-lines.
I’ve read your stories many times; big fan!
I know about your ‘hide in plain sight’ plan.
Doesn’t really work? I know that too, now.
What was that? Just waiting for the bow?!

Yes, the final bow!
I thought I had it many times..
..damn these endless train-lines!
Been searching for a coloured line..
now I’m just searching for an end,
and all I get is just more .. dead.
But wait.. how come you know me.. my plan
how come you hear and see me? Since when?
As for my stories.. they’re locked inside
fallen into oblivion, long-forgotten tide..

I can see you,
’cause I’ve been running, too
..from many many lives,
and I’ve also been here
on these tangled train-lines..
I know your stories as you know mine;
they’re locked in, for the same crime.
Oh, and, I must say before the roads could split again,
it’s not about the rusty lines we used to walk on then.
I noticed you missed a vers ’cause of a sigh
I have an idea, just a thought, that you could try,
after “been searching for a coloured line”,
why not “I found the story of a lifetime”?
A blind-abled story, capable of flying;
oh..let you be my story!
and let me be yours!
let me be your lying!
and let you be my cause!
let us be the story and let us be the roads!


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