Abun Dance

I am not free, but I want to be. Connection is everything. Codependency is everything in the road to freedom, as well as in the final state of fulfilness. What I feel is too much. I feel I am too much considering the known ways of expressing and experiencing. I’m going mad inside the inner holographic walls as abundance invites to a never-ending dance every atom in the universe. Too much beauty, too much sadness, too much curiosity, too much love, too much madness, too much truth, too much goodness, too much of everything and too much of nothing, so much, if It weren’t so busy living, it would think it’s normal. But It doesn’t think. I am the one that thinks. I am the one that writes “too” before every absolute. What I regard as normality is our collective, protective madness, in which we repress the grim truth about the human condition.

How is connection part of freedom? The same way separateness is. How are they both at the same time part of the same thing? Beautifully!

Nature gives me a closer feeling of freedom than society, as it now is, gives me. I am amazed every time I look at and feel the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the flowers, the living manifestations of consciousness we call animals, and how it all found that balance that made us possible, the perfect system; I am grateful. I am happy to be the vessel for the free energy it channels when I connect to the greater being, I am sad to be a slave of the limitations of our perspective, to “know” that everything there, in front of me, one day is going to die, all these trees, all these plants, all this life is going to decay, everything dissolves in meaninglessness when you think that impermanence is really a real thing. Entropy. Love ends. That is why we also feel sadness when we love, because we can see the inevitable ending of everything and we attach ourselves to it, we want it to last forever, we can feel the infinite beauty in every frame of reality, we want to experience the moment in every possible way until it becomes something else and restart the process. So how do we defy entropy and impermanence? Cause “I will not go gently into that good night, intead rage against the dying of the light”. How do we say “I will not let go? I do not accept the ephemeral nature of this moment, I’m going to extend it forever”?


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