Inner Gaze

Gaze at the earth from a distance! Gaze at your inner world from a distance! We need to distance ourselves in order to understand, to reconnect. We need to talk to each other, to share our insights, to listen, to take things as they are in front of us without judging, make sense of it subjectively while respecting the subjective reality of the other and decide what we keep and what we don’t need. And that distance makes for a great first step, as we rise above to a bigger perspective. Astronauts know this, they often talk about what an insightful experience is to gaze at the earth from above to get a better understanding of the biological space ship we’re travelling on. We are all in this together, and it’s not a negative “this”, it’s quite a magical “this”. It’s all about this insight, this period of increased reactivity to stimuli both from within and from without. So you are immediately plunged into a dialogue with your own subconscious, things start to erupt, things start to emerge, new patterns are starting to be perceived and at the same time the world becomes like a sensurround system, the resolution of the input signals get boosted. So all of the sudden you are overwhelmed, almost eclipsed by the signals coming in, you are like a mind in flight, you are in orbital position, you are seeing the big picture. But if you don’t have navigation, if you don’t pattern those signals by carefully choosing beautiful music, by focusing on art, reveries that you can read, controlling the environment, hanging around people whose company induces feelings of well being, if you don’t take responsibility, you risk being disappointed. By patterning those signals you’re authoring the song, the soul surfing that you’re actually doing. You become a psychonaut. A soul surfer investigating psychic through personal, subjective experience. And there’s all kinds of answers that we can find within and without, there’s all kinds of spaces that we can explore within and without. Look at yourself from a distance. Look inside yourself from a distance.


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