Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

A wise one

I take people to where they need to go. That alone is amazing to me. Yeah, it’s true, I keep ending up all over the place and I keep starting down all over again, but it’s all worth it. The music is so good this morning for this morning in Geea. And morning it is. It seems against the odds being here now, feeling the way I do, writing, drinking a coffee, accepting momentary the fact that I am smoker, being aware of the eternity of the moment, remembering the primacy of the focus on the aspect of subjective reality. The Sun started to shine, not that it ever ends. Speaking of ending, finally, thanks to Devo, I let my guard down a bit and I let myself love her and myself, felt truly connected, even if momentary, but the moment is all there is. Finally, I feel good after a day of feeling good, even thou I’m by myself now. I’m right next to myself giving high five with my face, but luckily my ghost hand goes right through. Through the looking glass the Sun is shining. You’re still here through your empty cup with sugar and spoon on top. Thank you for sharing the silence of the morning with me. Now that I look at it with clearer eyes I realize how inspiring and awesome you are.

And without you

Ba ba, ba bam

Without you

Hau hau, hau hau

It’s gonna be a lonely town

Ba bam, ba bam

I’m a rolling stone

I’m a rolling stone

In the town of blues

Ba bam, ba bam

And so are youuu