Daily Archives: August 6, 2017

Accidental Shaman

Birth place: Earth

Race: Human

Politics: Freedom

Religion: Love

Practice: Yoga, meditation

Tools: Drugs

Mission: Unite, direct

If we drop the ball all of nature witnesses the failure and our children receive the result. Consider yourself self-selected for this interaction and an ambassador for reason on this issue of conscious expansion and self-exploration. It’s all about building a common language and support each other. Be a shaman with hyperdimensional perception and remember who you are, not what you have.

I now make a promise to myself. To follow my mission no matter what. To be present in the moment during the journey. To do my best each day. So that I sleep well, satisfied, grateful, joyful. And wake up confident, energetic, driven, grateful, joyful. This reminds me of George Carlin when he said he now needs only a puff of weed and he starts writing. I am proud of myself for quitting smoking tobacco (at one point). For trusting my intuition. For putting myself in situations to experiment. To grow and evolve. To be uncomfortable. To care for my potential, the energy that I am. And the way I put it out in the world, which is of the utmost usefulness for diversity in regards to patterns of reality. For balancing act of habit and novelty. I am proud of myself for traveling and loving. For forgiving. Myself and others. For taking an interest in, and caring for my fellow travelers in the ride of existence. For playing with form – Remembering who and what I am. And they are. Reminding them, too. For learning how to focus. For appreciating this silence, right now. For all, I applaud you, Alex, you, Being.

Maybe I should just embrace being alone in this journey. Bibi says I should just be me, no matter the consequences my mind creates. She also says I should, like, make a list, write down the people I’ve helped and then I should help myself for a change. Hmm. Help myself.

Ieri am vorbit cu Simo cinci ore. Am creat impreuna o gaura masiva in baza de date colectiva. La un moment dat puteam pur si simplu sa vad campul de informatie ce plutea in permanenta deasupra noastra, prin noi. Stiam ca si  ea il vede si ca deja stie tot ce stiu si eu, si tot ce conta era sa o vad pe ea. Acum vreau sa fac totul fie si doar sa ii povestesc ei atunci cand va fi momentul, daca va fi. Daca nu, ea oricum stie tot. M-am regasit pe mine in ea. Aleg sa o vad ca un mentor. Nu conteaza varsta, sex, Simo este modelul meu. Te iubesc, Simo. In afara timpului. Intreaga lume a fost pe pauza timp de cinci ore. Las experienta sa isi urmeze cursul natural si o iubesc ca atare. Acum ea exista in acel moment, iar eu exist in altul.

Vreau sa accept exact cine sunt. Chestia e ca pare ca umblu prin lume cu o rana deschisa si ma face sa imi fie greu sa ma apropii de oameni, sa nu cumva sa-i contaminez sau sa ma contamineze. Which is bullshit and not. I should just enjoy all these experiences. Yeah, feels like I’m living in a bunker, a hatch, but I’ve always wanted to live in a bunker. “Come to terms” is what they say. What I know is I woke up this morning feeling like “fuck this shit”, I’m so over it, I’m so over feeling sorry for myself, a kind of “sictir” which, in times like this turns out to be very useful. Turns out I did help a lot of people in a significant way, I also let some people down, or hurt them. You see, I’ve got this thing, I take things from people and then leave, which looks like my father’s behavior. Ma exclud mult. I should do something else instead of that in order to be happy. I can’t help but think how much knowledge and wisdom I will manifest once I shift my perspective to clarity.

When you can’t be fooled, you don’t ask the question anymore.

I’m bigger than the universe, smaller than the universe and equal to it. I know I should let everyone go, at least for a while. I should trust they all take care of each other while I’m gone on this different journey. Meh…I’ll be alright. The truth is I do not know. The truth is I am both evil and pure. The truth is I have no control. There is no puzzle to this universe. What makes you think there’s a puzzle to this universe? You try to explain it. A real explanation is not just a description. It’s a description which enables us to control what we are describing. To control the world is not really what we wanna do. So if all explanations have this as their function, enabling us to control, than maybe an explanation is not what we wanted. What makes things complicated is explaining. What is complicated is not nature, but trying to put it into words. Life is a celebration of itself.

Si iata-ma, 10 februarie 2017, scriind cu pixul mic si metalic, simtind aproape prezentul. Inteleg nevoia mea de control, si pot incepe sa o dizolv. Cumva, explicarea sau descrierea au potentialul de a dizolva tot felul de realitati. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Mi se pare ca egoul meu a crescut de ceva timp, si nu la modul fain (daca ar exista asa ceva), ci la modul ala pe ranit si vinovatie si din astea. Dar doar in bucla asta temporala. Principial, toate modurile sunt identice si complet diferite in acelasi timp.

Pai si acum ce ar mai fi de scris? Tot uit planul. Ti se intampla si tie? Ar trebui sa citesc despre grem lin, sau cum ii zice.

Ma gandesc la oamenii care dispar si nu ii cauta nimeni. Da, aparent exista astfel de oameni. Si aparent exista si oameni care sunt “gone missing” si nu stiu ca sunt “gone missing”. Ma mai gandesc si la perspectiva prin care eu sunt pentru alti oameni cu vieti, trairi, universuri complexe, cu naratiuni lungi, stiute, intelese sau neintelese, eu sunt doar un personaj din décor care isi consuma cafeaua, si care de multe ori se gaseste in centrul lucrurilor focusat pe complexitatea propriei existente. Asta e tot una din aia fara concluzie. Presupun ca sunt un fel de motor al universului ce produce bancuri seci. Pentru ca bancurile seci nu au concluzie. Dar sunt bune bancurile seci. Nu? Daca n-ar fi bune nu ar exista. Dar hai sa inlocuim cuvantul “bun”. Bancurile seci sunt…potrivite, ce chestie, sunt ce sunt, sunt bancuri seci. Am nevoie sa integrez simplitetea si claritatea.

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