Sun is setting

The weather is meee-eh

Makes you wanna move

Your dancing faaa-ace

To the rescue

Here I am

I want you to know

Just where I stand

I kinda feel objective to my objectivity. Got real tight and cozy there for a while. Today is one month since I got to UK. It’s my sister’s birthday, also. Happy birthday, sis! And also today another traveler steps foot in a wonderland. I wish you luck! Luck is the best. I still can’t really tell if there’s art in UK, but there’s art in me. I’m thinking about going undercover for a bit, maybe a week.

Just like a word can contain the significance of the whole imagine of the story, the same way one single being can contain the story of the whole universe.


I don’t know whether or not I’m gonna write next Saturday.


Like a book

We’ve all got a lot of chapters. That we do. It’s hard to be lonely. But it’s also hard to love people. I think that that’s the trap. Yes, the little private trap that everyone lives in. And we need people, but that need can destroy us. Once you care about someone, it rules you. And who even knows, at the end of the day, if that person is really who you think they are. Or if they’re even real at all.


Cand se lasa seara peste cartier

Vine dimineata si totu-i la fel

Si cand se lasa seara peste cartier

Ma gandesc la maine, vreau sa uit de ieri

Mi-e dor, mi-e dor, mi-e dor, mi-e dor

Mi-e dor, mi-e dor

Oooof lume, oooof lume

Oooof lume, oooof lume

Cand pe vale, cand pe culme


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