Windows of light

I took off from paradise
And I landed in the jungle
I’ve spent the whole time lost in the clouds

I lost my body in the Summer storm
Somewhere over the ocean
I think my mind may also be gone

Something more than a steady hand
Is what I need to borrow
Just to level it out and make a new plan

Tienes que sacarlo de las raíces. Firme! Y tienes que decir “sufrimos”. Me va doler? Sabes de dónde vienes? Una sílaba se pasó entre los labios de su madre y su padre. Así llegaste a este mundo. So young, just begun, don’t need to live to know what I’ve become. One day the world may end, but there’s still plenty to discover. I am something that the whole universe is doing. The great theatre of the universe. Realitatea e o scena de teatru si trebuie jucata. Dar e posibil uneori ca un personaj sa fie indragostita de un alt personaj, si acel scenariu trebuie jucat, dar e posibil ca actrita sa se indragosteasca de un alt actor, nu personaj. Si na…ramane doar un film in mintea celui de-al doilea actor. I am nothing with a twist. Sometimes I’m disajointed in me. I’m working on it. Than the universe wants instant gratification just the same. And remember, You don’t pay the price. You enjoy the prize. So if you want it now you might as well do it now. I’ve come to embrace and respect this matrix. And I say “this” not “the” because what we call matrix, or the dullness of the day, not only is as magic as, but differs not from the fantasies, or utopia, or dreamlands. The beauty of the moment, in the prelude to a kiss, the anticipation of thought, between conception and truth. My lips are loose. The timekeeper is the lone musician and I’d rather not know. The more I know the harder it is to do. I love the thrill of sneaking between the walls, to track and to cover tracks, to have my life on the line. Some die with the name, some die nameless. One thing is for sure, the next canvas is pulling my ship so fast it feels still. Bring me the horizon, I am ready. I don’t need to make amends, but I’m done going undercover. Ain’t it funny that you can see the everything, even thou it has no content and you can not name it, yet you can feel it?

Resilience, the ability or inner strength to bounce back from a setback or challenge.



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