The war of art

If the Earth peoples, if we are part of the planet’s point of view, then it seems to me that the astronaut overview effect is the earth tripping, having an out of body experience, gazing at itself from outside. What an out of body experience seems to do is recontextualize the self. So, I’m thinking as a possible answer to the question “what would happen if all people on earth were physically in the same place, at the same time, mindfully?” is, maybe it would lead to a kind of collective out of body experience, from which a result could be this re-contextualization of the collective self, bringing clarity as to what new cultural narrative we need (or is looking for us). No great story is ever written. All great stories are rewritten. This is a call for all writers out there. We have a responsibility to write a better story of humanity, one that unites us; for all those who are not read, keep rewriting your inner story, paint it, sing it, annoy the rest of them, create wormholes, powerful loops, risk vulnerability, fully shape the truth in lying words, sell valuable facts, artefacts, monuments, logo architecture. Being an artist is like being the owner of a shop. Every day it’s your job to open the shop. Some days nothing happens. But other days it is buzzing with activity and people. But those days, when it happens, don’t exist if you don’t open the shop. Overcome resistance, like the warrior you are, summon the muse; by doing the work. Overcoming this resistance is the war of art. Exploit feeling being born too early or too late for your time, but also feeling lucidly present. The artist is not good at following order, he is order following chaos. Risk. There’s a reason why they call it a long shot. Cause it has the power to shoot longly. The universe is like a planet with one tiny continent, one land, an island. There are the end and the beginning. Most people are in the ocean. It is the artist that has backstage pass to the island. And remember, what happens in one world, echoes in another.



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