What makes you you?

Have you ever questioned who you are? Scary feeling, right? To define yourself is to limit yourself. It’s a weird feeling understanding that you are nothing and everything at the same time. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I tend to make it complicated, my exploration. But one time a friend answered this question with things like “the music I like, the movies I watch” and I found it a pertinent point of view. Usually, the ego needs defining. What’s your take on the ego? Should it be dissolved? Or should it be just tamed? Do you think asking a question like this sets a lot of egos in defence (as a natural mechanism), I don’t know, maybe altering answers, maybe speaking to a more personal degree of the self, as opposed to asking about the nature of the universe – which would be seen as more external? Like “What makes you you?” and the ego goes “Me me? Wait. Am I in trouble?” As far as you’ve seen, what speaks to an individual strong enough so that the energy of that idea becomes a path of dedication to humanity? What I’ve noticed watching Ted talks, got me this idea: something that the individual struggled with and overcome. For example, someone bullied for being gay took it as a mission to help gays get out of the closet; or someone who had cancer got into helping cancer research. Krishnamurti defined the ego as the desire to become, the drive being of a pulling nature, whereas others argue you are defined by the series of events that brought you here, more of a pushing nature. Hmm, this reminds me of Theseus’s paradox that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. If the events change you on all levels over time, what stays the same? Isn’t life about carrying a message from the child you were to the old man you will be? It’s hard to see clearly. A lot of “awaken” people got there after deep depression. But “awaken” people from Buddhism for example didn’t need suffering. (I put it in quotation marks cause that’s a whole different topic). I tend to believe that “being awaken” doesn’t mean lack of sadness. Actually doesn’t mean lack of anything. Means accepting all feelings and emotions. Do you guys find tiring playing the roles of society? Why is that? But let me ask you this. Tell me if you relate. When I was a kid I saw adults as…adults, and I now realize I’m kind of the same kid. And people I know are kind of the same kids, right? How do you feel? Adult or the kid?



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